Azure CLI


Install via APT

apt install azure-cli


Log into the tool with either interactive login or inline

az login

az login -u -p lmaoPass

AZ AD Analysis

We can start to analyze things about Azure AD

az ad signed-in-user show

az ad user list -o table

A slightly easier to view table

az ad user list --query '[].{DisplayName:displayName,UserPrincipalName:userPrincipalName,UserType:userType}' -o table

Find a list of the users in the domain and their permissions

az role assignment list -o table

AZ VM Analysis

Find all of the systems assigned and running

az vm list -o table --resource-group m4lwhere-resources

Get additional information

az disk list -o table --resource-group m4lwhere-resources

Now we may be able to check for any snapshots of the systems

az snapshot list -o table

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