Password Cracking

Generate Salted Passwords in the terminal

mkpasswd --method=md5crypt haha       # Creates a salted md5crpyt hash of 'haha'
mkpasswd --method=bcrypt ohboy        # Creates a salted bcrpyt hash of 'ohboy'

mkpasswd --method=help                # List all available methods 
Available methods:
yescrypt        Yescrypt
gost-yescrypt   GOST Yescrypt
scrypt          scrypt
bcrypt          bcrypt
bcrypt-a        bcrypt (obsolete $2a$ version)
sha512crypt     SHA-512
sha256crypt     SHA-256
sunmd5          SunMD5
md5crypt        MD5
bsdicrypt       BSDI extended DES-based crypt(3)
descrypt        standard 56 bit DES-based crypt(3)
nt              NT-Hash

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